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The Initial General Pest Control service will include interior and exterior treatment. Our technician will begin inside your home using our IPM (Integrated Pest Management) treatment method in which we spray all essential entry points for bugs such as doorways leading outside, every corner of every room, window sills and behind sinks/toilets. The exterior treatment will consist of de-webbing the house to eliminate all spiderwebs, wasp nests, and mud dauber nests. Eco-friendly granules and spray will be used to eliminate existing pests and protect exterior of home and yard from new pest issues.

For recurring services, our technician will return to service and maintain your home pest-free. The recurring service will consist of the same exterior treatment provided on the initial service. In addition, the technician will be keeping an eye on your property for any potential issues such as termites, rodents, mosquitos, etc. Interior treatments after initial service are by request only.

For the Initial General Pest Control treatment, yes, we will need to enter the home to carefully inspect and treat the interior. However, recurring services will not require you to be home as long as we are granted access to the perimeter of the home (i.e., gates unlocked).

Our warranty guarantees your home or business will be protected between services. If any pest issues should arise before your next service, feel free to call or text us at (469)878-7233.

No, our system automatically schedules your next service. A notification will be sent via email and text 2 weeks prior to your next service and a reminder will be sent 1 day prior.

Yes, all treatments are safe for children and pets. Simply Safe Pest Control’s top priority is the safety of our customers as well as being mindful of the environment. Although we don’t use organic/natural products, we take the time to develop a customized pest control program to strategically target pests with low active ingredients that ensure all children and pets will be safe while providing superior pest-free results.

Yes, all our technicians are licensed though the Texas Department of Agriculture.


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